Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad and iPhone is Free. Rich Old Men Rejoice!

PGA Tour 12 iPadRich old men and golf go together like… Well, rich old men and iPads! And how did those old men become rich? By keeping a tight grip on their cash and not piddling it away on silly things like video games! Today EA throws them ol’ misers a bone. You bankrupt lil’ whippersnappers wake up and learn something!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is on sale “for a limited time” in the Apple App Store for the low price of free to celebrate the game’s 1.0.2 update (ie. they finally fixed it). This is down from the $5-$7 price.

You can get it here for iPhone, or, if you’ve been enough of a tightwad, here for iPad.

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