6 Year Old Action Adventure Psychonauts Gets A New Update, Free iOS App

Here’s a shocker! 2005’s most imaginative game just got itself a big ol’ upgrade. Critical darling and retail flop Psychonauts was just overhauled with Steam achievments, cloud backup for your save games, adjusted difficulty for the game’s final level, and –get this!- a Mac version.

psychonauts twistedPsychonauts was the first release from Tim Schafer’s (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango) new Double Fine studio (Brutal Legend, Stacking). Chronicling the adventures of Raz, a boy who runs away to join a psychic training summer camp, Psychonauts still plays well today and features a unique brain diving gimmick that allows you to go from chasing enemies up impossible, non-Euclidian geometry in one level to stomping a city kaiju style in the next. It’s a classic action adventure that should not be missed.

Psychonauts vault viewerAlso out of the blue is Psychonauts Vault Viewer! This app is a collection the hidden memory vaults from the characters in the game and accompanied by a voice over commentary from artist Scott Campbell and designer Tim Schafer. This is an awesome companion piece for fans of the game (or Tim Schafer in general).

Psychonauts is available as a dual pack for both Mac and PC for $10 from Steam. It’s still as awesome as ever and should run fine even on older systems.

Psychonauts Vault Viewer! is free on iTunes for all iOS devices.

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