Children Under the Age of 2 Should NOT Watch TV Latest Research Shows

child tv riskEver since I began researching child care one fact has met with STRONG resistance from, literally, everyone. For reasons I still cannot fathom parents everywhere turn up their nose at the idea that watching television has no benefit for babies less than two years old and should be tightly restricted over the age of two. To this day, I still have never met anyone who simply did not scoff at the decade scientific research. It boggled my mind that people who would blindly adjust their personal diets based on a 30 second CNN blurb would wantonly laugh in the face of multiple medical and psychological publications.

Well, today it is Wired’s turn to be ignored by parents everywhere. Armed with the latest data from American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Communications and Media Executive Committee, they have written an article about the latest results of the research into this surprisingly controversial issue:

“Media, whether playing in the background or designed explicitly as an infant educational tool, “have potentially negative effects and no known positive effects for children younger than 2 years,” concluded the AAP’s report, released Oct. 18 at the Academy’s annual meeting in Boston and scheduled for November publication in the journalPediatrics. “Although infant/toddler programming might be entertaining, it should not be marketed as or presumed by parents to be educational.””

I’m proud to have made the sacrifice of video entertainment for BG. It’s a lot easier than you might think. If you have young children, please read the full article and try to keep an open mind for the good of both you and your kids.


  1. Hmmm, seems my son turned out ok. Love you!

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