Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook

game_WE_headerWe took a look at CrowdStar’s newest Facebook and, lemme tell ya, it sure ain’t no Happy Aquarium! Wasteland Empires is now in open beta testing (and we DO mean beta!) on Facebook and both the Mrs. and I have been have a blast stomping raider scum and Facebooker alike. After playing far too much, we staggered back out of the wasteland of this post-apocalyptic city builder/RTS with some of our favorites strategies.


Car Batteries: Okay, let’s get straight to the 800lbs radioactive gorilla in the room. By the book, car batteries are only available by recruiting another player into the game or bought for 50 gold ($2.50! And you need 2 for each well!). Guess what? See that large rubble with the airplane cockpit sticking out of it? There’s a car battery in there! You also used to be able to (rarely) scavenge them from other players’ auxiliary well, but that seems to have changed the latest update. (or not. See update below)

Update: Whoops! Just has a car battery drop from an aux well! They aren’t listed the tool tip anymore, but they still pop out once in a while.Trying to write about a game that changes every other day is fun!

Send Good Gifts: Resources are plentiful and easy to come by. Items are not. Some items, such as chains and wrenches can only be gained as player gifts or bought with gold.

Mind the Books: You need shelter, food, and water to have a population. The constraining factor will typically be water followed by food. Building and upgrading houses past the amount of water available may consume items (frequently wire) you will need to finish more immediately useful buildings.

wasteland empiresEyes on the Prize: If you are looking for a specific part to complete a construction, focus on it during raids. Check the tooltip on enemy buildings to see what items they drop (usually the same as it takes to upgrade them). It may not be worth the time and manpower to fight through a well defended settlement if you’re just raiding for wire than can be gained from outlying walls. The loss of a few reputation points can be meaningless compared to the Real Life time training new troops.

Knowledge is Power: Research is time consuming, expensive, and crucial. It is also the only activity without a clear visual indicator. Don’t forget it!

Swords or Ploughshares: If you find yourself too short on manpower to start a large building or scavenging project, remember to disband your military units to free up the settlers. Your troops are only good for offensive raids and you can train more once the work is done.

Tear Down the Wall: Destroying the walls in settlements may not net you any resources, but there is the possibility of getting an item drop. This is a good source for wire and blasting caps .

Mass Recruiting: File this on under “Bug or feature?” When recruiting multiple types of units, use the “X” button in the upper right corner of the training window. This will cause all queued groups to begin training at the same time. Using the blue “Train” button will queue groups sequentially.

Slowpokes First: When raiding another settlement, you get one control group per tech level of your city hall. Once you have two, create a group of tough troops (clubbers/crushers) and use them to assault enemy towers first. Once they have drawn the tower’s fire, create a second group of speedy attackers (scout/vanguard) or ranged units and send them in to finish the job.

Raiding Keyboard Commands:

Up Arrow: Select Battle Group 1
Down Arrow: Select All Battle Groups
Left Arrow: Scroll through Battle Groups to the Left
Right Arrow: Scroll through Battle Groups to the Right

Wasteland Empires lvl4

Raiding on a Budget: Buy troops to raid settlements for resources to buy troops. Ah, it’s good to be a warlord! But what happens when you’re raided and loose all of your resources? Time to pinch pennies! When training units, you can use the arrows at the top to make lower tier warriors. Why spend an extra 10 mechanical resources on a Ranger when a Bowman will work. Resort to hit-and-run style raids. Against high level settlements, costs can rise quickly when Heavy Gunners are torn apart by catapults. Use a unit of Bowmen to prowl around the rim of colonies and pick off undefended buildings. Sure, it counts as a defeat, but you’re walking away with money in the bank.

Easy Experience: Collecting resources earns you experience. Perhaps the easiest method is by harvesting them from your refineries. With no daily energy allotment to worry about (Thank you, CrowdStar!), check in on your colony regularly to collect biological, mineral, and mechanical resources from your mines, mills, and workshops. Every level brings 5 free gold that can be spent on much needed parts for buildings and their upgrades.

Happy hunting! Hopefully some of this will still be relevant by the time its published ;) CrowdStar is frequently updating the game to add content, fix bugs, and respond to player feedback. Wasteland Empires looks like it has a ton of potential and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Have a tip or trick of your own? Post it in the comments!


  1. I figured,no mater,what Tier level you are and what kind of towers your enemy have(short,moderate or long ranged),they always chase for the toughest and best ermored group of attackers.So,I use 10 of them(Demolishers and so on),actualy I sacrifice them to towers.Whille towers are occupied with destroying them,other groups of attackers destroys them(towers)and then is easy to finish the job.Sure,sometimes I lost all"toughers",but victory is still always mine.

  2. This is a great tactic I use often. Since most of the towers lack any armor piercing value, those tough guys can last quite a while.

  3. Make fake Facebook accounts and friend yourself to get all the car batteries you need. If Facebook blocks you from making another account then just clear you coach. If they wanted to stop YOU permanently they would have to make it Facebook wide. That's my strategy.

  4. This is great, but what about the extra game within the game... THE ALLIANCE part where you build extra troops and send them out into the wilds and create new bases. This needs some explanation on why do it, what you need to do to win, the rewards etc etc...


  5. so I'm tier 7 right now and all of the raider colonies are listed as "Very Hard". I went in with snipers first to take out the catapults but the overlapping defenses forced me to withdraw them. Then after shooting down some of the walls, I sent my melee troops in like vindicators and energy gunners. But their ability to cause enough damage before they die themselves is not good enough. I'm trying to follow the storyline quests and right now I have to destroy 8 war rooms and 8 barracks. It's going to be a really long time if I'm doing it this way. Any ideas? Should I just concentrate on getting to tier 8 troops or higher?