…and Now a Word from Our Sponsors

money smileWell, not “from”. More “about”. Not really “sponsors” either. Sponsors are active supporters. So… “advertisers”. Anywho, all that just didn’t have the same ring. What was I saying? Ah!

We have added two more affiliates to GUO: Newegg and iTunes. Not bad, eh?
As with the Amazon deal, we shall not be changing anything regarding the way we run the show. We don’t have to. Heck, Apple didn’t even call us on the end of the Guard the Earth review (shh, don’t tell ‘em). We’re picking affiliates based on the links we’ve always run. How many Newegg deals have we already done? A quick search shows 8 and doesn’t count the expired ones I remembered to delete. Ditto on the iOS sales (which I have mercifully taken a break from in the past month. Those list of links are death to create). I’ve also been trying to submit an App review every week, each one featuring a link to the App Store for convenience. It just makes sense to try to skim 4 cents off of Apple.

Also, as before, I have added some links to the sidebar for these wonderful folks who are letting us sponge off of their profits. I’m still fiddling with ‘em, but the goal is to keep it discrete and unobtrusive. That’s why they’re in the sidebar. Everyone has always said they ignore it. Why put them there at all? Just as a little reminder that you can leave us a tip as you go about your usual online shopping. Clicking through puts a cookie in your browser history that lasts for 3 days and let’s us suckle at the teat of Big Business for a couple of coins to do Cool Bloggy Projects. Plus the iTunes Top App links are cool!

How that for transparency? Corporate’s gonna stop letting me speak in public at this rate.

That being said, the economy can only get better at this point, so treat yourself to an ipad, pick up a spiffy case, and load it full of the best software known to fruit! Together we’ll put Ask Grandpop where it was always meant to be: IMAX 3D!

PS. It was so not worth building those links for that joke…

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