Canada’s Currency Gets Plastic Surgery

As of Monday, November 13, 2011, Canada has begun the switch over to plastic currency.

canada plastic moneyNo, it’s not some future dystopia full of credits chits and unending bank fees. The Bank of Canada will still be printing cash, but the cotton fibers used to create the bills will be replaced with a polymer designed to make money stronger and more difficult to counterfeit. The “synthetic” $100 bill has already begun rolling out with $50 to follow in March. All denominations are scheduled to be in circulation by the end of 2013.

In addition to the new material, Canada’s money is also getting a redesign with pictures that feature what Finance Minister Jim Flaherty describes as  "cultural touchstones that reflect and celebrate our Canadian experience." The images on the new $100 pay tribute to Canadian inventions including the insulin and the pacemaker.

Source: CTV News

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