Deal: 32GB Lenovo Android Honeycomb Tablet Now $300

ideapad_k1Remember that Lenovo K1 tablet I’ve been drooling over? That sucker just dropped another $50 to $299.99! If you’ve been looking to jump into the tablet world, this thing is a steal. Sporting a slick aesthetic that’s more than the same ol’ boring black slab and packing DOUBLE the storage of any other tab in its class, the Lenovo K1 Ideapad even comes with a starter pack of apps including Netflix, Galaxy on Fire II ($10 value itself), and, of course, Angry Birds. Specs are pretty much the same as every other Honeycomb tablet out there: Tegra 2 dual core, 1GB RAM, 1280x800 capacitive display, 2MP front camera , 5MP in the rear, and a 10 hour battery. That fact that these things are still around at this price point shocked me when it was $350. Gotta be the best kept secret in the tablet market.

So, if you’ve been looking to buy into the New Shiny fiasco of the tablet market, here’s your chance to grab a slick piece of kit for the price of a netbook. Check it out.

…And if you can think of an excuse I can use on the Mrs. for bringing home another tablet, lemme know.

Update: These are sold out through Amazon and Tiger Direct. Local Sears and Kmart seem to be a good bet as well as online. Here is a Google shopping link to help you find one.  Good luck! The Mrs. is still giving me that look when I bring this up Winking smile


  1. I love you checking out the new tablets but how about finding a 7 inch one for those of us with arthritis and find 10 inch to heavy and cumbersome. Thank you.\

    Love you!

  2. I have yet to be impressed with the tech specs and price point of a 7" tablet. I like that form factor a lot as well. The Dell Streak is a lemon, the Nook takes too much technical voodoo to recommend, and the Kindle Fire I haven't gotten my hands on, but am unimpressed with on paper.