Growing Up Otaku Digest: October 2011


It’s that time again! End of the month already. Let me stick my nose to the grindstone and round up some links to our boldest and brightest posts for the month of October in what we call The GUO Digest. Unless you look at the sidebar. Then it’s called Content Recap. Mindfreak!


And boy what a month is was! Good riddance. BG has moved in with her sisters and birth parents. The Mrs. has been sick for 2 or 3 weeks. I’ve taken up moping around and staring at the floor as a hobby. Good times!

Also leaving us is our Late Night Leftovers feature. In the midst of a funk I forgot to run the column for a while. After a week or so I noticed it was missing. No one said anything and our visitor numbers went UP. Go figure. So LNL got chucked onto the scrap pile. I liked the idea of being able to touch on all to topics we like to cover here more frequently, but I guess LNL just wasn’t the way to do it. Not the first project to flop, sure won’t be the last. You have to fail before you truly know how to succeed.

Speaking of succeeding, let’s take a look at the…

Most Popular Posts for October 2011


  • Review: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (iPhone/iPad/Android) Slaying Dragons With Better Bookkeeping 
  • Review: Guard the earth (iPad) No, Don’t! Dick is Broken! – This was a fun one! Not sarcasm. The horrible translation and the fact it usually crashed before I had a chance to get bored or frustrated helped a lot.
  • Review: Scribblenauts Remix (iPhone/iPad): Wet Stinky Angry Birds vs Lazy Zombie Robot Ninjas – Another fun review. Loved trying all the things I wrote about in the review and loved making the screenshots. This month’s reviews really make me aware of just how little effort the big app review sites put into their work. Of course, I don’t have to review 4 games a week either. I mean, I could. Ya listening, Bill Abner? Listening to the “could” part not the “little effort” part. That was about an app review site I won’t mention. Love the show!
  • UnReview: Mafia Wars 2 (Facebook)–Shaken Down in 7 Minutes – Yes, I unreviewed a game. What’s an unreview? That’s what happens when I sit down to play a game for review and it twists me around and kicks me out the door so hard I forgot what I was doing it. I’ve gone back, and it’s pretty good, but should not be anyone’s first Zynga game!
  • Review: 9mm (iPhone/iPad/Android): Protect and Serve by Shooting People in Slow Motion – It is hard to optimize for search traffic when your game is called 9mm. REALLY needed to be called Kannon, after the main character. Missed opportunity. Original subtitle for the review was “Protect and serve by shooting people in the face”. Went for relevant over funny. Also missed opportunity.

    Anime and Manga

  • Fate/Stay Night Prequel Anime Fate/Zero Streamed Worldwide for Free
  • Madoka Magica Game? There’s an App for That. Several Free Ones, in Fact! This was a lot of work. Lots of Japanese sites to go through using a US keyboard. Google seemed to indicate that this was something people were looking for. I hope it helps.
  • Fist of the North Star Full Scale Figure Bedazzled With $130k of Crystals


  • 6 Year Old Action Adventure Psychonauts Gets A New Update, Free iOS App
  • Suda 51’s Grasshopper Creates Evangelion Game: Not What You Think – I never know whether to put things like this in Anime or Gaming…
  • Gamers are Solving Science’s Greatest Puzzles This one got cut off a little abruptly at the end as I was finishing it up when Baby Mama Drama came to a head. I needed something to post and it was pretty much complete. No one noticed. This article BOMBED!
  • 10 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Heroes of Neverwinter – I stopped putting numbers on these strategy guides after this one. It went from 10, to 12, and now stands at 11. I like this game. Very nag free for a Facebook title.
  • Medical Prostheses Reach A New Milestone With An Artificial Touch – Do I make a joke about the Genesis song or the robot monkey? Choices… 
  • Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook – I like this game a lot. The Mrs. remarked, “It’s like a real game!” Page views are also surprisingly high. The next big thing?
  • 5 Scary Good Games for Halloween You Never Heard of – THIS! OMG! This took 2 weeks of searching, playing, deciding, screenshotting, and writing. I worked so freaking hard to make sure that there was something for everyone’s taste, budget, and device. I tried to cross post it elsewhere to get a few more eyeballs on it. I was proud of the work and of creating such a unique list. I forgot to include the link when I posted it so no one could find it. Blogger’s per-post counter blew out that day too. It will always look like no one read it. Sad smile 2 other games almost made the list. The Void nearly replaced Necrovision while PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent was a lock until Home burst onto the scene.
  • FEAR 3 DRM Fail Captured Live via OnLive – So sad and yet so awesome.


  • China’s Space Race Kicks Into High Gear With The Tiangong-1 Space Station
  • Space X To Develop Fully Re-Usable Launch System
  • iOS5 Upgrade Incoming! This is a VERY Good Time to Backup Your iPhone or iPad! – Always a good time to backup anything! Data you don’t have backed up is data you don’t care about.
  • Google Hands Over Wikileaks User’s Email to U.S. Government Without Warrant – Honestly, anyone still comfortable storing all their stuff in the cloud, business or personal, is a fool.
  • Verizon Wireless Now Tracking All Users, Inspecting and Recording Data Usage – Verizon seems to have paid off every reporter on the ‘net. Either that or, more likely, no reporter on the ‘net bothered to read about the program or what the opt-out clause actually did. Opt out: the new opiate.
  • The X-37C Is The New Space Shuttle Under Development By Boeing – So cool!
  • Stuxnet Variant Duqu Found Spying On European Industry. Prelude To CyberWar? Surprised smile
  • Habitable Zone Around Most Populous Stars Extended 30%!

    Cool Stuff

  • Nom Nom Nom and Eat Up All the Hello Kitty - Know your audience! The Mrs. She loves the Kitty.
  • How to Tell if a iPhone 4 Case Will Fit a iPhone 4S
  • HTML for Babies Proves There are Bigger Geeks Than Me – Smaller ones too!
  • Purify Your Water Anywhere with SteriPEN Pocket Sized UV Light
  • DIY Taser Gloves Inspired by Fallout – LOL! Just now found the typo in the title. I’m a lousy editor.
  • Dust - A Deadly Hazard in Space And On Earth Has Finally Met It’s Match – This really sucks Winking smile
  • Hello Kitty All Dolled Up for Halloween
  • A Gaggle of Ghastly and Geeky Gourds! – So… many… pumpkins! Happy Halloween! 

    …And The Rest

  • The Simpsons Faces Cancelation as Salary Discussions Break Down - Korean animation doesn’t fall under the anime umbrella. Kinda unfair as most Japanese anime is drawn in Korea now. 
  • No Backup Option in iTunes Fix – Sometimes I post things just to try to help people. I feel it is my duty as a good netizen. This was one of those. Worked, too! Even got a thank you.
  • Comette Family Home Hit by Comet
  • Tickled Pink to Celebrate the 25th National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Ya try to do a good deed on the Internet and whadya get? Trolls. Jerk. Did you miss our special edition banner? Here’s another peek:blogbanner-NBCAM
  • Children Under the Age of 2 Should NOT Watch TV Latest Research Shows – Thank you Uncle Homer.
  • Fancy Designing Our New Blog Banner? I still want our own character and I still suck at art.
  • CDC Zombies Return in Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic – They just won’t die!
  • The Scariest Story Ever Told (in Psychonauts)
  • Need Dinner for Halloween? Try Spaghetti and Oozing Eyeballs! – Yummy and yucky 

    And there you have it! 120ish hours of work summed up on one page. Cool, eh?

    In light of all the changes around here (the real life “here”, not the bloggery “here”), I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about what matters, what’s worth it, and where to go. No one ever said growing up otaku was easy Winking smile The only decision I’ve come to is this: I’m putting of decisions off until next year.

    Looking over October’s wealth of content makes me proud that we can, under the most trying of personal circumstances, still produce what I humbly consider some of the best darn articles dedicated to geekery on the English speaking web. Guess that’s not humble at all… Whatever. We may have had fewer postings (53), but the posts themselves have been larger and more in depth (and we cut a semi-weekly column mid month). . I hope you’ve enjoyed your time sharing these with us. This former baby blog has come a long way since the Mrs. convinced me to “go for it.” The storm is clearing and there’s clear skies on the horizon. GUO sails on!

    Thanks for reading!

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