Happy Carl Sagan Day!

This would have been Carl Sagan’s 77th birthday, and to honor him today has been declared this the annual Carl Sagan Day. Inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, Carl Sagan’s curiosity about the natural world and the universe took him on an amazing journey, not the least of which was his television series, Cosmos.

You can view 13 episodes of Carl Sagan's landmark show Cosmos freely on Hulu.com. Debuting in 1980, Cosmos was the most watched American televisions series until 1990's The Civil War. To this day, it remains as PBS' most widely watched show in the world.


  1. Why did TellTale games used Carl Sagan as Doc who burned down a speakeasy in Hill Vally?

  2. Um... Was this the Back to the Future game? I didn't play past the intro to the first chapter. Sounds like a scientist joke tho.

  3. Guess where he graduated high school? Rahway High School.