Japanese Robot Bear to Maul You While You Sleep

jukusui-kun-robotic-bear-pillow-to-stop-snoringAt the 19th International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Dr. Kabe from Waseda University unveiled one of his latest inventions designed to aid the the health and well-being of humanity: A robotic bear that smacks you in the face while you sleep.

Created to aid in sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea Syndrome, the Jukusui-kun is a robotic pillow in the shape of a polar bear. The victim straps on a similarly adorable pulse-oxygen meter and this, in conjunction with a microphone in the bear pillow, monitors the sleep habits of the individual. When the snoring gets too loud, the bear’s hands move toward the person’s face. This “gentle brushing” causes the subject to roll over into a new position more conducive to a well night’s rest.

Nope, don’t see where the can go wrong. Not one bit. Growing Up Otaku wholeheartedly endorses our future robotic overlords and hope that they remember our support when determining who gets attacked by bears in their sleep. For, ya know, the health and well-being of mankind.


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