Make Your Own Library Everywhere with BookCrossing

Sure, we’ve all have piles of our little paper friends stacked on shelves. Maybe we loan them out to friends. Sometime a big stack gets donated to charity. Maybe donate them to the local library.

What if you could have your own library anywhere? What if your library was everywhere? describe their program as The World’s Library. The idea is “read and release”. Once you are done with a book, login to your account, print out a label, and pass the book on, leave it in a public place, or just dump a box on your desk at work. Each label lets the finder know that the book is free and contains a unique code that can be used online to chronicle the journey of your paperback friend.

BookCrossing claims to have nearly 1 million members with 8.3 million books available in 132 different countries. The service is free to join and features other bookish features (pun!) such as collection creating and trading directly with other members. Sharing is caring!

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