Maingear Ships–and Guarantees—5.2GHz Factory Overclocked PCs!

PC envy! Featuring the new six core Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 3960X, Maingear has unveiled the new line of mods available to their Shift series of custom build computers. The shocker: Guaranteed stable overclock of the CPU from Intel’s stock 3.3GHz to a whopping 5.2GHz! And look how sexy!

Dude, the motherboard is mounted vertically so all the ports are on the top! That’s gotta be great for ventilation, too. Seriously, if you’re into a little PC pr0n, you need to check out Maingear’s site. Bring a drool cloth. This monster even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Hey Maingear, if you need a tech with 20+ years of experience to look over those new builds for ya, gimme a call Winking smile For science.

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