U.S. Government Seizes Another 130 Internet Domains Without Due Process

seizedserversJust like last year, the United States Department of Justice has illegally seized 130 Internet domains while the country snoozed over a Thanksgiving weekend.

Blowing the doors off of last years “Operation Our Sites” when the U.S. claimed 82 domains in the name of stopping counterfeit product sales (many of which were discovered to be nothing of the sort as well as perfectly legal), this year’s “Cyber Monday Crackdown” repo tally is currently estimated at over 131 domains. All sites have been hijacked by the Department of Justice without warning, warrant, or due process regardless of county of origin.

Of course all of this will cease to be news if the United States passes the MPAA/RIAA written legislation known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) or the Protect IP Act which would allow the U.S. to censor a shockingly large percentage of the Internet.

Check out the full story at TorrentFreak.

Will someone PLEASE move ICANN out of the U.S? Spain doesn’t seem to have been bought by Disney (yet). Let’s try there!

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