OnLive Puts PC Gaming on Your Phone; Puts Consoles in Their Grave

onlive split second on Android Welcome to the next great disruption in the gaming market! As if tablets and smartphones weren’t already changing the way we think about darn near every dedicated computer device we own, the new OnLive app for Android has just dropped a bombshell on both the handheld and home console gaming markets.

onlive for tabletsNow available from the Android Market (and iOS version is expected “soon”), this tiny, free application (2.3MB) is available for Android devices running v2.3 or higher and alows you to stream PC gaming straight from OnLive’s data centers to your phone or tablet, on WiFi or OTA (just be sure to watch your data plan using OTA mobile networks!). Think of it as the NetFlix of gaming.

onlive unversal controllerDon’t like touchscreen controls? They thought of that too. For $50, you can order the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. Loosely resembling the classic Xbox 360 gamepad, this controller connects to Windows, Macs, and mobile devices. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the ramifications of a phone that runs high end PC games with a HDMI out and a wireless Bluetooth controller Smile

Think it can’t get better? Download the OnLive app now and you’ll also get a free copy of Lego: Batman!

Free app, free service, free game. Drop a few bucks and you can be playing all of this season’s newest games like Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row, Batman: Arkham City, or L.A. Noir anywhere.

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