The Sims Go Real-Time and Free-to-Play for iOS in The Sims: FreePlay

Your favorite gibberish spouting, pants peeing, party loving, little computer people are coming to your favorite little iDevice later this month.

sims freeplay ignTaking a cue from the very popular The Sims Social Facebook game, The Sims: FreePlay will be,as you might guess from the title, a free game powered by micro transactions. Also borrowing from it’s Facebook cousin, FreePlay will run on a real time 24 hour clock. Due to the extreme downtime associated with with real time working and sleeping, FreePlay will allow players to create and control up to 16 unique Sims.

In addition to customizing the Sims and their homesteads, players will be able to grow and customize their town with parks, shops, and opportunities for employment. While not included in the initial release, IGN’s preview hints at future content additions including marriage, pets, and neighbor visits.

Update: The Sims FreePlay is available now for free at via iTunes

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