Comic: SOPA Does What Now?

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On January 18th, something special happened. Websites from all corners of the globe, all walks of life, all manner if interests, came together for the cause of spreading information about a great wrong that was about to occur. Big Media, the backers of this legislation, had neglected their duty and obligation to inform We The People that the U.S. Government was planning to allow special interest groups to blacklist sections of the internet without due process on the basis of copyright protection.

The result was beyond anyone's wildest imagination. No matter where you turned on the Internet, the message of pro-censorship legislation was front and center. I read a forum post from a small group of genealogy sites who were joining the blackout. Owners of numerous personal blogs agreed on Twitter to carry the message on the off-chance they might have a single reader that day. Even alt-erotica site Suicide Girls posted anti-SOPA pictures like the one used here.

I asked  my doctor about SOPA on that very day. He has not been aware of the bill, but had learned of its existence and potential consequences from visiting CraigsList. The din created was such that even mass media could turn a blind eye to the issue no more. It was the Occupy movement all over again.

January 18 was not just a demonstration against censorship. It was a demonstration of the value a free Internet brings us.

Oh, and I did a comic! I need to work on some size and alignment issues, but it's not bad for a first go. As with all new projects I try here on Growing Up Otaku, your input is greatly appreciated and helps determine what projects I’ll spend time on in the future.

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