Download Your Next Dollhouse with MakerBot Playsets

MakerBotCastlePlayset_display_mediumI sure do love me some downloadable papercraft, but 3D printers take printable toys to a whole new level!

MakerBot, creators of the popular plastic printing Thing-O-Matic, have revealed their latest line of downloadable designs: The MakerBot Playsets. Now available on the company’s own community sharing hub Thingiverse, models for the Damsels Playset and the MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset (pictured left) are free downloads for all.

Thingiverse itself is worth a visit. Supported by a thriving community of enthusiasts, the website is full of printable gadget. Everything from bottle openers and toothbrush holders to animatronic dragons and, believe it or not, 3D printers is available at your fingertips.

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