Growing Up Otaku Digest: December 2011


Welcome back for another edition of the recap with the… kneecap. I really should have thought that one out more. Ah, well. My word reservoir is running a little low after the ridiculously HUGE scale of some of our articles throughout December. As if the holidays weren’t hectic enough! But it’s all over now. Time to kick back with a nice, hot cup of cocoa and reminisce about the last 31 days.

Are you one of the, literally, NUMBERS of regular readers of Growing Up Otaku Digest? Well then, you’ll be aware of my crabby attitude towards this monthly obligation and the Mrs’ defense of it. So, earlier last month I asked what she thought… or saw about… something… Sorry it’s been a heck of a month! Anywho, I asked her about “The Digest on the site.” Her response was priceless:

“What’s the digest?”

It was at that point that something in my brain popped and leaked out my nose. It’s okay. The hospital put it back in. Well, most of it. On with the show! Look at all the gaming stuff! Yup, it’s Christmas time.


Most Popular Posts for December 2011

Review: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (iPhone/iPad/Android) Slaying Dragons With Better Bookkeeping

Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for The Sims Social On Facebook

Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook

A Tribute to Skyrim’s Epic Beards

Free MMO World of Tanks rolls over Russia

A little of the old, a little of the new, nothing borrowed but the site is blue.


Review: Fail-Deadly (Win/Mac/Browser) A Free RTS You Play to Lose Against Yourself – I love covering unique, unknown stuff like this. This is the real indie scene, not the hundred, thousand dollar “Indie” games showing up on Xbox Live. Sure, they’re technically independent, but hardly the unground scene that began booming with World of Goo. Usually I can’t get a page hit on this stuff to save my life, but Fail-Deadly did pretty darn good. I’m glad. With a subtitle like that, how can you NOT check it out!

Review: Shine Runner (iPhone/iPad/Android) Fishtailin’ Fanboats for Booze Money – I was proud of this one. Thought it came out good. They say it’s hard to write ‘middle of the road’ reviews. I disagree.

Review: Sonic CD (iPhone/iPad/Android) Blurring the Lines of Time and Tech – Burned the midnight oil to get this one done ASAP. I liked the way I approached the topic of a remake/port. Could’ve used a bit more editing tho.

Is Google’s Browser the Next Great Gaming Platform? Reviewing Chrome for Gaming on a Netbook


Anime and Manga

Fate/Zero Servant Stat Cards – These were really cool! I didn’t even know that they were in the original Japanese novels.

24 J-Rockin’ Tunes from the Top Anime

First English Trailer for Puella Magi: Madoka Magica Released – Can’t embed a commercial? Really? Usually I’m trying to STOP the spread of advertising on my screen!

Madoka Magica Exhibit Opens in Japan 

You clicked and I listened. Thank you. It’s always a little hard to see the site objectively from this side of the screen. Doing this monthly wrap up helps see what we have where. I also attempted to ensure that there was a bit of the ol’ Japanish wherever I could stuff some in (like the 12 Geeks of Christmas).



Gaming Prose No More; GamePro Shuts its Doors – One of the best titles I’ve ever written. I actually missed the Pros-Prose pun the first time I posted it.

Skyrim: Operation Have A Heart – It had been a while since I put together a new video. Nice to get back to it. I took the low road and just kinda hacked it together. Made it a lot more fun to make than obsessing. I actually have another clip I forgot to put into it. Oops!

Getting’ Cheesy in Skyrim – Everybody loves Skyrim. Everybody loves cheese. Me, I love video game physics.

OnLive Puts PC Gaming on Your Phone; Puts Consoles in Their Grave – Heh. Love the OnLive community. One of our first niche market back before it became popular with the Deus Ex debacle. Now every big site out there covers OnLive. Sigh. Still, find me another gaming site bold enough to run that headline :)

Update Your Xbox 360? You Just Agreed Not to Sue Microsoft – Sony’s finally going to court over their version of this crap. We’ll see just how far Big Money gets you.

The Sims Go Real-Time and Free-to-Play for iOS in The Sims: FreePlay – Been working my butt off to review this, but… don’t think I’m going to. We’ll see. Looks like most of the other sites really half-arsed their work on it and just called it a pretty Sims game. It’s actually more Farmville. And not that interesting of one.

OnLive Android App Passes 50k Installs, iOS Version Stuck in Apple Approval Limbo – STILL stuck! Apple’s gonna find some reason to kill this one.

Grand Theft Auto III Released for iPhone/iPad. All the Gray You Remember, Now with Bad Controls – A popular sentiment on Twitter, not so much on Google. We get trounced on news everyone else covers. Still, worth a head’s up and I had something to say about it. Man cannot live on pageviews alone!

PSA: Why is There an UltraViolent, M Rated, DRM Laden, EA Game in Humble “Indie” Bundle 4? – I felt this was important and tried to get some answers or extra exposure on it. No one would touch it. I didn’t pursue it for too long. I felt hesitant going after a charity drive.

PlayStation Vita Launches in Japan: First News Roundup – Looks like it was a decent launch, but America sure doesn’t seem to care about the Vita. Pageviews are dead on every Vita thing I’ve ever posted.

Free-to-Play Racing Game Need for Speed World Releases $100 In-Game Car – Bwaa!!!

The New Best Video Game Kill Ever – Kudos for the use of the A-Team theme!

Stop the Spread of Holiday Cheer with Garden Gnome Carnage – Hope no one was scared of the name. This is a very fun, E-for-Everyone game. Fun fact: Found this in the summer and I’ve been holding on to the link for this Christmas. Of course the game has been around for years.

Minecraft Spinoff Minicraft Sequel on Its Way – What’s better than Minecraft? New, free versions of Minecraft!

PlayStation Vita Sales Tank in Second Week on Sale in Japan



  Wave Disk Engine is the New Super Motor for Cars - Why should the wheels have all the fun of spinning!

The Cost to Ultrabook Early Adopters? About $400! – Yup, early adopters are suckers. Hope you’re enjoying that new Kindle Fire. Wait until you see next year’s model!

Most Unique Space Vacation Opportunities In Detail – Yeah, really needed to rewrite the title on this. Time was a problem when this came out. Blogger also blew the formatting all over the screen. I tend to be way too gun shy as an editor after butchering the SEO of a great article buy putting a clever title on it.

NASA’s Kepler Mission And New Habitable Planets – Funny story: I was burnt out of doing the Gift Guide and told Great One to get the Kepler news on the site. He comes up with a story on the Kepler telescope. I was talking about the potential of habitable planets in the Kepler-22 star system. A quick rewrite later and he produced this wonderful piece!

NASA Is Looking For Some Big Stars With Radio Astronomy – Now here’s a puntastic title! I didn’t have anything to do with this one. This is The Great One feelin’ frisky!

AT&T Gives Up on T-Mobile Merger; Proclaims Doom for the Future

U.S. House of Representatives Busted for Illegal Downloading – Who watches the watchers? As it turns out, TorrentFreak.

Apple’s iTunes App Store had more than 5.6 Million Free Downloads per Day in November

Duqu And Stuxnet Have Three Brothers And Their Last Name Is “Tilded” – The family history of weaponized viruses.


Cool Stuff

The Complete Gifts for Every Gamer Guide – This version is a new page (with a new introduction) that unifies the Gift Guide articles from that hectic week. The Gift Guide turned out to be an epic undertaking that I started too late. Originally envisioned as a single article, this monster blew up into a week long series that provided not just a gift guide, but an essay on the various divisions of gaming culture. I feel that most other journalists fail to actually consider the wide variety of people that are ‘gamers’ today. It is a sad state of affairs. The arrogant, fanboy dominated, dude-bro attitude of most major game sites grows more outdated and irrelevant by the day. Well, unless you look at Call of Duty’s sales numbers, I guess. Hmm… Anyway, guess which part ranked highest? Wrong! The Tabletop Traditionalists section.

Google Updates Street View with Post Tsunami Images from Japan

Video: Bearded Dragon Playing on a Tablet

Apple iTunes App Store Year End Sale 2011 (Utilities, Kids, and Games) – You should have a day or so to still get in on these deals.

Santa Prepares for World Tour with CISR Haptically-Enabled Universal Motion Simulator – Say that 3 times fast!

The 12 Geeks of Christmas (Decorations) – This took a good bit of scrounging to put together. Tried to keep it all from 2011, but had to make a couple exceptions. Hey anime fans, post dem otaku trees! I know there are a lot more than what I’m seeing online.

A Hot Cup of JoCo for Christmas – Tradition is important.

Out of Print Blade Runner Sketchbook Now Online – This is very cool. Check it out before it goes away in a flurry of cease and desist notices.


And that was the month that was. We close out 2011 with 50 new posts added to our humble little abode and an fresh new year full of unlimited server space to spew our special scripture. We had our second highest monthly traffic ever throughout December.

Our hearts go out to everyone visiting for information on the Velocity Cruz Android Tablet. Seriously. You should have seen the look on the Mrs’ face when I told her that the views on that article spiked following Christmas.

We all hope you had a happy holiday season and know you’ll enjoy a fantastic new year.

Thanks for reading!

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