How to Protect Kids Online by Blocking Web Sites for Free

Is your little tyke not so little anymore? Starting to feel the need to enforce a little Chinese class protection as they go bounding around the ‘Net? We hear ya, and we’ve got your back. After all, it is your responsibility as a parent. Filtering undesirable content at home means the government won’t feel the need to do it for all of us. Good for you, taking responsibility and all that! If you could hear what Little Timmy calls people on Xbox Live, you’d plotz! Who knows what he’s gonna get into next.

site blocked

The best solution to block all unwanted traffic is to filter your home’s network at the router level. This will stop unwanted access from all devices through your network.. PC, iPod, Nintendo DS, Xbox, this works on all of it. The only exception would be a cellphone using a cellular connection.

OpenDNS FamilyShield is a free service that can do exactly that. As an added bonus, FamilyShield will also block known phishing and malware sites.

If you are up to putting in a (very) little extra effort, you can go with the OpenDNS Home service (also free!). OpenDNS Home will allow you to add specific sites you your block list, such as Facebook.

To get started go the OpenDNS Parental Control Solutions website and sign up. You will want to use the “Router” option for full protection on your home’s network. Pick your router from the list and follow their clear, concise instructions.

Kudos for doing the right thing in taking responsibility for those under your care and not letting a few abbreviations or technobabble scare you!

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