Indie Royale Bundles 6 Serious Sam Games in The Lightning Pack

Need shooters? We got the shootiest shooters that ever shot sh*t!serious sam lightning bundleIndie Royale, a join venture between and digital distribution service Desura, has reveled their umpteenth bundle: The Serious Sam Lightning Pack!

Not only do you get the classically abusive Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter, you get a bevy of indie titles inspired by the Serious Sam franchise:

The Random Encounter: Super Crate Box developer Vlambeer thrusts Sam and his team of mercenaries into a a world they’ve never before imagined: A turn based RPG.

Double D: This white knuckled shooter drops the third dimension and puts Sam into an Abuse styled 2D shooter where you can stack your guns together for crazy combos.

Kamazie Attack: A Canabalt styled runner that puts you in the shoes of Serious Sam’s most iconic (and hilarious) enemy.

The Greek Encounter: An all new, Indie Royal exclusive 8-bit de-make of Serious Sam from Eric Ruth, the mam behind Team Fortress Arcade.

The Serious Sam Lightning Pack is available for the rest of this week from

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