MuchDifferent Smashes Gaming World Record with 1000 Player Man vs. Machine FPS

Well, they pulled it off! As previously reported, middleware developer Much Different attempted to set a new world’s record for the largest player count on a video game battlefield today. And they succeeded!

1000 player fps

After some initial teething problems due to the tens of thousands of players attempting to connect, Man vs. Machine went on to be a roaring success. Player turnout prevented even the game’s designers from finding a open slot. Much Different recorded a high of 999 simultaneous players. The previous world record was set by Sony’s now retired MMO shooter Planetside with 399 players.

Job done, Man vs. Machine will now be retired. The game/tech demo was created specifically for this one event and will not remain online. There are currently no plans for a sequel.

While technical difficulties on my end prevented me coming back from the event with any significant amount of useable footage, it was truly a spectacle to behold. I am thankful to the folks at Much Different for being given the chance to participate in this one time event on behalf of Growing Up Otaku. Plus, I got to frag Minecraft creator Notch! Priceless ;)

Edit: There’s plenty of video on YouTube now! Here’s a sample:


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