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Stephen Hawking, a respected physicist and known as one of the smartest men on Earth, said this week that we must colonize space or risk disaster within 1000 years. He was warning that encounters with intelligent aliens could seriously endanger all humans. This seems to suggest that the only good aliens are dumb or altruistic aliens.

The good news is that SETI has scanned 86 likely planetary candidates found by the Kepler space telescope and has found no evidence of Alien life. They did find convincing signals but these all turned out to be false positives caused by Earth based interference. This is good news because they know that their equipment is finding the types of signals that are generated by intelligent life.

Some signals in space denied as intelligent life might have come from the X-37B space plane, which was accused of spying on the Chinese space station due to similarities in orbital latitudes. This was later refuted by several scientists, saying that while they shared a similar orbit they passed each other twice a day at a huge speed difference. The X-37B came back to Earth after a 10-month mission and was the 2nd successful launch of this type of space plane.

Speaking of things coming back to Earth, the failing Russian Phobos-Grunt space probe may be finally coming to a place near you. The U.S. has been helping Russia pinpoint exactly when and where it might take it’s 8.3 tons of extremely toxic hydrazine rocket fuel on a return trip to Earth. Russia has settled on Jan 15th as a re-entry date but America seems to think that it could be anywhere from Jan 14th to Jan 17th It is thought that it could enter the atmosphere anywhere from 51.4 North to South latitude, basically from the tip of South America in the South to London in the North – which is very close to where Stephen Hawking lives.

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