Play a New Version of Half Life for Free: The Canceled Dreamcast Port

The PC gaming classic Half Life gets an alternate version in the form of Half Life: Dreamcast. Wait… Dreamcast?

Half Life DreamcastBack in 2000, Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Brothers in Arms) was creating a port of the seminal PC shooter for Sega’s then revolutionary console, the Dreamcast. Sadly this title would never make it to market. The Dreamcast version was canceled in the wake of Sega stopping production of the console. Featuring double the polygon count of the original PC version (even with the HD pack), Half Life for Dreamcast wasn’t just prettier, but featured some different NPCs, unique props, and sweeping changes to level design with new environmental puzzles. A new, CD-quality soundtrack was also added. This was a Half Life no one would ever play. Until now.

An adventurous group of modders have ported Half Life: Dreamcast back to the PC. Now is your chance to experience a truly unique take on the classic game that launched Valve to the super-stardom it enjoys today. If you have the original Half Life on Steam, grab the mod from ModDB.

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