Predicting 2012: Anime

horoscope kittyTo celebrate the first week of this new year we sacrificed an unopened Gundam model upon an altar of red ringed Xboxes and gaze into the future of the year ahead.

All this week, we’ll be featuring five predictions from each of the worlds of Internet, Anime, Technology, and Gaming that will shape the year ahead. Or will they? To lend some perspective, I’ve asked The Mrs, contributing columnist The Great One, and Steve Santy's Magic 8-Ball to weigh in on each topic.

Today we look into the future of Anime. We see a little of the old and a little of the new.

Sailor Moon returns in hyped up rerelease to the western world – The rerelease of the manga was just a start.  After years of being unavailable we expect the beloved magical girl show to come roaring back to the English speaking world with a remastered video release and more merch than you can shake a credit card at.

  • The Mrs. Says: Nope
  • The Great One: Oh, yeah
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Definitely 

    Gen Urobuchi gets green light to launch his own, original anime IP – Gen is riding high on a wave of popularity from both Madoka Magica and Fate Zero. By the end of 2012, I’d be shocked not to see him heading up a new, original universe of his own design.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yeah
  • The Great One: Yeah
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Definitely

    Hayao Miyazaki passes away – We’ve lost several of the great directors of anime lately. Sadly, 2012 sees the beloved head of Studio Ghibli on the Almighty’s hit list.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: No, he’s gonna stick around
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: My sources say no

    Hatsune Miku animated movie green lit – Miku and her fellow computer generated pop stars are prepped for a big screen debut in an anime high school musical comedy.

  • The Mrs. Says: No. Sounds horrifying.
  • The Great One: No, there will be something else, but smaller
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: My sources say no

    Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha is a “hit” – Viz puts out a press release stating that subscriber numbers for the new digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump in The United States are higher than they ever were for the paper version.

  • The Mrs. Says: No
  • The Great One: Slightly better
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook not so good
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