Predicting 2012: Gaming

Gypsy4To celebrate the first week of this new year we sacrificed an unopened Gundam model upon an altar of red ringed Xboxes and gaze into the future of the year ahead.

All this week, we’ll be featuring five predictions from each of the worlds of Internet, Anime, Technology, and Gaming that will shape the year ahead. Or will they? To lend some perspective, I’ve asked The Mrs, contributing columnist The Great One, and Steve Santy's Magic 8-Ball to weigh in on each topic.

Today we predict both console births and deaths for 2012.

New Xbox shown but not released – It is waaaay past due. Microsoft unveils the NextBox at, most likely, E3 slated for a holiday 2013 release.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: No, Microsoft holds out to release 10 more upgrades for the 360
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook not so good 

    Sony’s only new gaming platform for the year is Vita. It flops – Double whammy! PS Vita, despite good initial sales, is pronounced a flop by September. Sony will not show any other new gaming system in 2012.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: That’s right. 2014 for a new PlayStation 4.
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Ask again later  

    The Wii-U released and becomes a holiday hit – The Wii-U is launched for the 2012 holiday shopping season worldwide and, despite being widely criticized by the gaming media, becomes a sold out hit.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes, folks are still talking about Wii Fit
  • The Great One: Agree
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Definitely

    Dedicated handheld gaming systems universally pronounced dead – The media and the public unanimously agree that smartphone gaming is “good enough” and the era of $200 devices utilizing $40 software for mobile gaming comes to an end.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: No, Nintendo will hang on for a couple more years.
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: My sources say no

    2012’s Call of Duty title is not the best selling game of the year – The Call of Duty franchise juggernaut finally looses steam and, for the first time in several years, does not close 2012 as the top grossing game title.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes, I hope
  • The Great One: Yeah, that’s right.
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook not so good
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