Run for Your Lives–A 5K Marathon with Zombies Chasing You

The zombie apocalypse is coming. We know this. The CDC says so. And it’s 2012.

So, your preparedness kit is ready. What next? You need real world experience running from a horde of zombies! An extra bottle of water can’t prepare you for the true terror of feeling from a horde of the undead. Good thing you stopped by GUO today because we have just the answer to get your heart (and feet) pumping before inevitable doom of the human race comes knocking at your brain.

Run for Your Lives is a 5K marathon where contestants jog through the forest and clamber over obstacles all while the walking dead try to take them down flag-football style.

The next marathon is scheduled for March 3rd in Atlanta, GA and will spread across the country, T-Virus style, throughout the year. Check ‘em out and sign up at

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