The Secret Lives of Online Game Cheaters

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of an online cheater? Curious about who that person is behind the Call of Duty aimbot? Can’t understand the motivations behind the Sith dancing his way though firefights in The Old Republic? Wonder no more.

PopCap Games (Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies) commissioned Information Solutions Group to find out the answers. Collecting online survey data from both the United States and United Kingdom, ISG has put together a comprehensive profile that that wall-hacking S.O.B. who’s been tea bagging your corpse all night.

Social game cheat chart

Guess what? Online game cheaters just cheat at everything. Social game cheaters are more than three times as likely than their rule-following counterparts to cheat on tests, taxes, and significant others. Heck, 60% of U.K. social game cheaters frequently steal hotel towels while in the U.S. 53% of similarly inclined individuals park in handicapped spots.

ISG's report goes on to state that those who cheat at social games are younger, wealthier, and make more friends online than those who do not. They are twice as likely to purchase virtual currency with real-world money, ironically making them more desirable to publishers using a freemium or micro-transaction based business model, like most Facebook games.

While the report focuses on social games such as FarmVille (the #1 most cheated-on game listed), it is not unreasonable to assume that these trends would be similar to players of other online titles as well.

So the next time you're staring at a screen full of wall-hacking, aim-botting crotch, take comfort in knowing that not only did he kill you (again!), but he most likely has more money, friends, towels, and a better parking space than you. Ain't life grand!

Check out the full PopCap Social Gaming Cheaters report in PDF format.

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