Skyrim Ported to… the TI-84 Calculator?

After racking up numerous Game of the Year awards for the Xbox, PS3, and PC versions of Bethesda’s magnum opus RPG, Skyrim is taking all of its shout-filled dragon battling to a handheld platform: The venerable TI-84 graphing calculator! Huh?

no9sniper has done the unthinkable: Porting the epic adventure to one of the most underrated platforms out there. Programmed completely on the calculator itself, Skyrim Mobile returns us to the classic form of RPG games with menu based, stat driven combat, a quest dispensing king, and upgradable weaponry.

You can get the files and run this epic achievement for yourself here.

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  1. Neat but it has nothing to do with skyrim, they're just hijacking the name to give credibility to a bland text based adventure game.