World Record Attempt at 1000 Player FPS Battle Sunday–And You’re Invited!

Much Different is certainly living up to their name this Sunday! The non-profit technology consulting firm from Sweden is making a run on a world’s record first-person shooter match-up. Using a custom game created with the Unity 3D engine, Man vs. Machine aims to redefine battlefield chaos by pitting two teams of 500 players each against each other on a single battlefield.

Moreover, this is the only chance you’ll have to play Man vs. Machine. 1,000 players will square off against each other for exactly one match and then the game is gone forever. Gamers will take up the mantle of Man while developers, professionals and hobbyists alike, play the machines.

man vs machine 1000 players

This world record attempt at maximum fraggage is scheduled to report for duty Sunday, January 29 at 4pm CET / 3PM GMT/ 7am PST / 10am EST. While the game is free and runs in a browser window, reservation tickets are available for 200 Swedish Krona (about $30 U.S. dollars) with proceeds going to the Engineers Without Borders charity.

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