Xbox and iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn Likens Employees to Animals in a Zoo

Terry Gou, the chairman of Hon Hai, Foxconn’s parent company, admits “to manage one million animals gives me a headache." Gou then went on to state that he wishes to learn from Chin Shih-chien, director of the Taipei Zoo, how animals should be managed.

foxconn suicide nets

Foxconn, the primary manufacturer of such in-demand electronic gadgets as Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Xbox, has been the a topic of much controversy over the past couple of years. A chain of 17 worker suicides prompted the company to install “suicide nets” around the buildings of production facilities in Shenzhen.

Earlier this month on January 2nd, a mass suicide was narrowly avoided at a Foxconn factory in Wuhan. 300 employees had asked their boss for a raise, having already been slighted one-third of a promised relocation bonus. Management told the workers to either quit their positions with compensation or keep their jobs and receive no additional payment. Most employees took the severance agreement, but the company refused to pay the money they were promised. The betrayed workers took to the roof of the plant and threated to jump if Foxconn would not pay up. The employees only came down after the mayor of Wuhan spoke with them and agreed to oversee new negotiations.

An investigation into the matter by Microsoft concluded:"It is our understanding that the worker protest was related to staffing assignments and transfer policies, not working conditions.” The matter was dismissed as there was found to be no violation of Microsoft's “stringent Vendor Code of Conduct.”

Source: Want China Times

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