Blackberry Playbook OS 2 Finally Released

tablet turkeyJust shy of it’s one year anniversary (and several months after it’s death as a commercially viable tablet), the Blackberry Playbook finally gets an official release of version 2 of it’s operating system.

This new OS for the not-exactly-famed tablet finally adds native features to the tablet that once required a bridge to a Blackberry phone. What revolutionary computing tasks does this new system bring to the tablet? Amazing features such as scheduling, an address book, and email! Shocking!

A few other new features make their Blackberry debut with OS 2 as well. Social networking integration with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is now on board. There is also a new Bridge app that will allow the Playbook to act as a HID (Human Interface Device (ie. mouse or keyboard)) over Bluetooth. A new Android VM system will also allow limited compatibility with apps from that other, more alive operating system.

So… that’s that. Congrats to RIM for bringing the functionality of the once $600+ tablet up to par with decade old Nokia phones. You can read more from someone who still gives a crap about the Blackberry Playbook over at Inside Blackberry

PS: We kid! We kid because we love!

PPS: Except in this case. Screw you Blackberry Playbook! Sheesh, even my $99 Android tab got email…

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  1. I've used $99 android tabs and if you really ever used a PlayBook you wouldn't compare the two. The hardware of the playbook is as good as ipad and 100* better than any cheap android. If certain app makers would not play favorites the playbook would be the best tab for mobile use and netbooks are still the best at home. I wouldn't pay 500+ for any tab but at $200 the playbook should kick ass but politics and fan boys have people misled, good news is as more people use the playbook the truth comes out.