Charity Trivia Game FreeRice Expands with World Landmarks Game Mode

freerice landmarksIn case you missed the article or that big ol’ banner up top, this is World FreeRice week where we spread the word about a great gaming charity out to feed the world!

Now there’s one more reasaon to click on over to and contribute to the World Food Programme while playing free games: FreeRice has added a whole new mode. From their blog:

That's right! By popular demand, we have new subjects. Today we launched "World Landmarks" in English, as well as French ("Monuments mondiaux") and Spanish ("Monumentos y sitios del mundo").

You can also now play Flags of the World in Italian ("Bandiere del mondo").

And if that wasn't enough to make you smile: this Friday, February 10, we will launch 4 more subjects for each of the languages mentioned above. What are they? Well, for now that's a secret. Make sure to check out the Freerice blog on Friday to find out!

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