Google Looking to Pay for Tracking You Across the Internet

google-dollarNow this I like! I’ve always ranted about companies harvesting personal information to be sold as marketing data to the highest bidder *cough*Facebook*cough*. I’ve frequently joked that they need to bust me off a slice of that cheese if they want my stuff. Shockingly, that is exactly what Google has decided to do.

For its new Screen Wise Panel, The Big G is looking to entice Web surfers into installing a Chrome browsing add-on that tracks usage habits. You agree to give up all semblance of privacy to Google’s partner, Knowledge Networks, and they’re going to slip you a fiver for use at every three months.

So, not only is Google willing to pay for tracking you across the Internet (which they do anyway whenever you don’t uncheck a box agreeing to “help make Google better” in an app), but they are actually asking for once. How will people respond to this bold new approach?

At the time of this writing, the ScreenWise Panel sign-up page has been closed due to ‘overwhelming interest’.

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