iModela iM-01 Mini Mill is 3D Printing Backwards

iM-01From Japanese printer manufacturer Roland comes the iModela 3D Modeling Machine. the iModela bucks the trend of most other 3D printers in laying down layer upon layer of plastic and instead creates items by carving your widget of choice from  a block of material.

This miniature milling machine works with a number of materials such as wax, Styrofoam, balsa wood, and even plastic. With a milling area of 3.39 inches wide, 2.17 inches long, and 1.02 inches high, iModela is the perfect tool for creating new parts for your favorite cuckoo clock the kids just broke. The computer controlled milling action of the iModela also makes it ideal for activities impossible for 3D printers, such as engraving.

The iModela is available now direct for $899. Roland has also launched iCreate, a community hub where users can freely share compatible 3D models of their favorite designs.

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