Lifelike Robot Mannequin Uses Microsoft Kinect to React to Shoppers

geminoid-japanese-hiroshi-ishiguro.jpg“I see this as the future of shop displays,” commented Dr. Ishiguro gesturing to window display made up of traditional, static mannequins. “They don’t represent real life at all, which is what I see as the point of some displays”.

Takashimiya department store in Tokyo, Japan has teamed up with Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, creator of the Geminoid line of android robots. Together they have created a very special Valentine’s Day window display for the up-town shopping location: A lifelike female android capable of four main emotional states and displaying more than sixty facial expressions.

Utilizing Microsoft’s Kinect motion control system to ‘see’ faces and gauge reactions, the faux female is not programmed to react to each individual as most automatons do, but rather play to the crowd as a whole. “We have tried to make it more lifelike through not programming her to react to every shopper in sudden movements but in a more natural way and arranged her in a pose as if waiting for someone,” Dr. Ishiguro explained.

Source: Japan Trends

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