On Japanese Valentine’s Day, Girls Give Boys Chocolate

japan_fashion_creative_valentine%2527s day_romantic_2012_february_14_couples_honmei_giri_tomo_jibun_chocolate_marshmallow_cute_fumiko kawa_10_largeIn the west, today is a day where men everywhere scramble to their local drug store muttering prayers to any divine being listening that there’s still some candy left to be had. In the east, however, it is the women who are under the gun.

Yes, today in the Land of the Rising Sun, females everywhere are doing the scrambling. Valentine’s Day is a day where girls normally too shy to express their love have an opportunity to give gifts (usually chocolate) to the target of their fancy, among others. Wait… Others?

You see, getting chocolate from a girl does not necessarily mean you’ve found a new Twister partner.Giri choco (literally translated as “obligation chocolate”) is given to many men in the giftee’s life such as friends, bosses, co-workers, and family. It is the high quality, more expensive honmei choco (“true feeling chocolate”) that is presented to the object of adoration. It used to be in fashion for honmei choco to be homemade as a labor of love.

As for the men, it is their job to eat all the candy. The true test of knowing if a young woman’s warm feelings are reciprocated is if the lucky recipient can drop his macho visage long enough to scarf down a whole box of the sweet treats.

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