Public Voting Opens for 14th Independent Games Festival (IGF)

Fingle her goodThe 2012 Independent Games Festival has opened its virtual polling stations for fans to weigh in on their favorite titles from the past year. This is a fine opportunity for everyone to try out some the greatest unsung indies from the most talented of garage programmers practicing the art. This year’s voting finally opens its arms to titles not native to the Windows platform as well.

Some of the titles running for a spot on the finalist roster include the charming action/strategy Atom Zombie Smasher, thoughtful adventure title To The Moon, the innovative comic book puzzle game Storyteller, challenging platformer Spelunky, iPad party game Fingle, and TONS more (some of which I would be hard pressed to even describe!).

Many of the games are free and even playable through your browser. Check out the most innovative showcase for the digital arts today and vote for your favorite at

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  1. Some of the headings operating for a identify on the finalist list consist of the wonderful action/strategy Atom Zombie Smasher, careful experience headline To The Celestial satellite, the impressive comedian challenge activity Storyteller, complicated platformer Spelunky, iPad celebration activity Fingle, and TONS more (some of which I would be pushed to even describe!).