Scotch Whiskey May Hold the Secret to Gassing Up Without Oil

scotchYa gotta love Scotland! Not only are they the masters of the tummy-warming, liver-shredding liquor Scotch, they just may be able to create the next great biofuel from the waste generated by the process.

Celtic Renewables in looking to commercialize a process for producing biofuel made from the byproducts of whiskey production. Utilizing the spent whiskey mash and the pot ale liquid byproduct of the fermentation process, researchers have created a new type of biofuel called Bibutanal. Bibutanal is notable as it is a direct replacement for gasoline and requires no engine modification to existing machines.

The discovery is a win-win for Scotland. Malt whiskey is currently a 6.3 billion dollar juggernaut for the country. In addition, the Scottish government has been making a huge push towards alternate energy sources and plans to be have 100% of the nation’s electricity needs met with clean energy by 2020. Professor Martin Tangney, Founder of Celtic Renewables and Director of the Biofuel Research Centre at Napier University, notes that byproducts from the whiskey industry would reduce Scotland’s reliance on oil, cut carbon emissions, and provide security in case of a global energy crisis.

Source: TG Daily

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