Sony Moves to Turn Bad CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays into TVs with SoRPlas

Not every optical that rolls off of an assembly line is perfect. Many are defective and don’t pass a quality assurance test. Some even have Michael Bay Transformer movies on them. So what to do with all these busted irrevocably spoiled disks, as well as the excess material the disk is cut from?

Sony has created a new form of recycled plastic they are using in current and upcoming products. Awkwardly named SoRPlas (Sony Recycled Plastic), this new form of plastic is created by combing the excess materials from optical disk production with a sulfur based flame retardant, making devices that are ‘greener’ and fire resistant. SorPlas has already been used in the front bezels of the Bravia line of LCD TVs launched in March 2011, boosting the recycled plastic content from an industry average of 10-30% to a whopping 99%.

Sony also expects the production of SoRPlas to cut the CO2 emissions of their plastic manufacturing production by around 80%. SoRPlas is just the latest development from Sony as they attempt to become a greener, “carbon neutral” company.

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