St. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–Geek Style, not Geeky!

license2play_domonerdwithheartglassesValentine’s Day is just a short calendar jump away and you need a great gift for your special sweetie. The problem is most geek themed Valentine gift guides suck. (Worse, the regular ones aren’t much better). If you and your significant other are both geeks, you shouldn’t exactly have a problem. Head on over to and call it a day.

This guide is for geeks whose snuggle bunnies tend to the more ‘normal’ side of the tracks. You want to express yourself with something different and unique without beating them over the head about how much of a nerd you are. You want something that’ll get the tongues wagging at her office about what an inventive and thoughtful guy you are without letting on that you sleep with an Xbox controller under your pillow.

In an effort to help out our befuddled brothers the staff of Growing Up Otaku is pushing past the heart shaped chocolate and ‘I Wuv U’ plushies to uncover some gifts to make your token of devotion stand out while not screaming “I found this on a web site sporting a giant, fire-breathing, robot baby!” We’ve even gone the extra mile to sniff out what’s on sale! Who do ya love, baby?


Custom M&M Candies

custome MM candyYou can order your very own customized M&M’s direct from the factory! Pick the colors, add clip-art, text, and even photos to your selection! Add personalized packaging with a message of your mushiness embossed across the front. Not feeling creative? M&M has a slew of popular combinations for you to pick and choose from.

Design your own M&Ms at They’re even running a 10% off $30 sale!


World’s Largest Gummi Bear

Chocolate isn’t the only piece of candy loved world wide. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would indulge in a bag of Gummi Bears. Blow the lid off of your lovey’s sweet tooth with ‘The World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear’.

How big is the world’s largest ursine sweet treat? Five pounds! This mammoth cavity spawner is equivalent to 1400 little gummy bears!

Available in a variety of colors and flavors such as blue raspberry and sour apple, these 5lb. Gummi Bears will set you back less than $30 on Amazon .


Edible Arrangements Fruit Baskets

SwthrtSwzDk20607_Aug_00090_wLooking to buck the trend of candy and flowers while keeping the flavor of both (figuratively)? Edible Arrangements has just the ticket!

Crafting fruit, chocolate dipped and otherwise, into fun presentations reminiscent of flower arrangements, Edible Arrangements offers a huge selection ranging from the modest ‘Sweetheart Swizzle Bouquet’ ($65/$52 on sale) pictured here to the massive ‘Delicious Party Dipped Apple Wedges & Pineapple’ ($116).

Edible Arrangements is offering a 20% discount on a selection of items if you arrange delivery between February 7th and 12th.


Teddy Bear Bouquet

400-154205mg12People of all ages love teddy bears. What could be better than a cute, snuggly, stuffed bear? A whole freaking bouquet of cute, snuggly, stuffed bears!

Strapya World is ready to export a bouquet of beautiful bears in a variety of colors from Japan straight to your door. Prices range from $43 to $60. Use code LOVELOVE for 15% off of order over 4,000yen (most qualify).


Wuggle Pet As Seen on Tv Bashful Bear KitDIY Potpourri Wuggle Pets

Wuggle Pets is a home Build-a-Bear toy factory for kids. Of more interest to DIYers with no real sewing skill is the ‘refill’ kits for Wuggle Pets. These additional dolls come with a prefabricated plushie, stuffing, and decorative charms. Stuff ‘em full of stuffing, zip ‘em up, and you’re done. The clever twist we had was to add your own scents (like rose petals) to these dolls.

Wuggle Pets refills run from $7 to $13 and come in Monkey, Pony, Bear, and Raccoon kits.

Potpourri prices run from $4 to $16.


Swarovski Jewelry Bear Cell Phone Charm (Or Necklace!)

img10063522162Like the teddy bear idea but looking for something with a little more bling? How about something to to remind your precious pookems of you when they’re snuggling with their other constant companion: their cellphone?

Also from Strapya World come these Swarovski crystal laden teddy bear cellphone charms. Swarovski crystals are all the rage now and these little guys come in a variety of colors and designs with many featuring moveable arms and legs. Prices range from $8 to $33. Remember coupon code LOVELOVE for 15% off of order over 4,000yen (about $52.50).

But wait, there’s more! What about using a little DIY ingenuity and create a Swarovski crystal laden teddy bear necklace? These cellphone charms are the pefect size for repurposing as jewlery. Just snip off the phone lanyard and slide on a sliver chain ($20-ish on Amazon). Presto! A one of a kind necklace you made yourself with imported crystals!


Personalized His & Hers Interlocking Coffee Mugs

interlocking love mugsThis ‘We Go Together Like…’ mug set is a fantastic love themed gift sure to get a giggle on groggy mornings. In addition to a variety of themes including milk and cookies, moon and stars, and rock and roll, these custom printed mugs also sport the names of you and your shmoopie .

The set is on sale at Personalization Mall for $18.70.


So, there we go. I hope this collection of thoughts and suggestions aid you in your quest for the romantic trinket of your dreams. Friends don’t let friends give the $8 crappy chocolate assortment from the drug store!

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