Star Trek Online 2-Year Anniversary Event Begins Featuring Q and Free Ships

STO 2nd AnniversaryCryptic Studios has just launched their two year anniversary event for the MMO Star Trek Online. Running from February 2nd through the 6th, players can visit Earth Spacedock (or Qo’noS for those that roll Klingon style) and have a chat with Captain Picard’s legendary foil Q. Party Poppers will be given away for players to run amok with and Mystery Boxes are available upon completion of Q’s quest/mini-game.

In addition to Q’s event, characters level 5 or better can check in with Engineer Kani on Earth Spacedock or Engineer Tum’Era on Qo’noS for the opportunity to take a new flagship class starship out for a shakedown cruise. Characters completing the shakedown mission will get to keep the ship, but cannot use it again until they reach level 50.

Star Trek Online is free to play for everyone. Sign up at

…and, yes, I am still very much hooked. Send friend requests to @ryte2byte Winking smile

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