This Breathalyzer Tests for Lung Cancer

Metabolomx, a biomedical startup in California, United States, is moving into the clinical trial phase of it’s new breathalyzer. Unlike those pocket soothsayers used by police that determine if you’re going to jail or not, this breathalyzer determines if you’re potentially destined for an early afterlife or not.


Metabolomx’s new invention can identify lung cancer in patients with an 83% accuracy. The system is also capable of determining the differences between several types of lung cancer. While 83% may not sound like a great accuracy rating, current lung cancer tests are not very accurate either.

The device runs works by detecting chemicals in the patient’s breath as a result of the tumor being metabolized into the blood stream. This is the same method of detection used by cancer-sniffing dogs to detect afflicted patients.

Source: Technology Review

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