Three Years Later, Deleted Facebook Pictures Remain online

Be careful what you post on the Internet! In a story they’ve been reporting on for the past three years, Ars Technica proves that some photos “deleted” from user’s Facebook accounts are still accessible online. While links to the images themselves were immediately removed from connecting Facebook pages, the ‘physical’ image file remains on servers, happily accessible to the Internet via URL.

myspace-my-deleted-friendsAs for Facebook? They claim they are working on a new system that will actualy delete the stuff you delete “within the next month or two, at which point we will verify the migration is complete and we will disable all the old content." Because… deleting stuff is hard?

I wouldn’t hold you breath. Deleted images lead to broken links which means fewer people clicking through to Facebook. For a company that just went public with a to the tune of $5 billion, that last thing Facebook needs is any drop in Internet traffic.

Here are links to both the original article (which, funny enough, also checks up on the then relevant MySpace) and the recent follow-up from Ars.

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