Weekly Episodes of Star Trek Return with Star Trek Online’s “The 2800”

A good portion of my life has been spent waiting with baited breath for the next weekly adventure taking place where no one has gone before. Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment brings back that old anticipation with an all new Star Trek story in their free to play MMO, Star Trek Online .

Star  trek online rotterdamPremiering every Saturday at 10AM PST for the next few weeks, a brand new episode of the interactive version of Roddenberry’s sci-fi classic will be made available for everyone to play. So, what’s been going down in the world of treacherous Klingons and prolific Tribbles since the last time? Plenty, as it turns out. And none of it good.

The 2600 opens with the major empires, both friend and foe, gathered together on space station Deep Space Nine for a diplomatic conference about the Borg onslaught they are currently facing. It seems that if something isn’t done soon, the Borg will be successful in their quest to assimilate the entire Alpha Quadrant in three years time. While this problem itself is certainly cause for alarm, the conference is interrupted by the sudden opening of a wormhole harkening the arrival of a Dominion battle fleet, the titular 2800.

This is Star Trek just as you remember it. The Cardassians are still slime balls, the Ferengi are looking to rip everyone off, and barely comprehensible made-up techno-sounding jargon is slung around as if it made sense. The 2800 is a fine return to the classic setting of the franchise that may have strayed a bit too far from it’s roots with the latest theatrical film’s alternate take on the universe.

In addition to the new story episodes, Star Trek Online is offering special rewards to those that complete the adventures in their original one week release window including a special set of Jem'Hadar themed items. A limited edition run of Cardassian mystery boxes have also been added to the game’s already expansive list of loot. Some of these boxes contain a variety of the game’s premium items such as pet Hortas, Deep Space Nine Costumes, or a playable limited edition Cardassian Galor ship.

You can play Star Trek Online for free. Sign up and download at StarTrekOnline.com.

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