Behind the Blog: March 1, 2012

Behind Blog button 2Hi ya! Wow, I sure have been doing these for a while. It’s always kinda hard to come up with the little intro speil. What to say, where to go, what looks good above the page break, stuff like that. It doesn’t really help that I’m going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment. Maybe I’ll just roll the pitch for this article. In times of trouble, go with what you know.

Come with me now and take a look back at all the great stuff we’ve posted here on Growing Up Otaku (GUO if you didn’t know), why we posted it, and how it did throughout the month of February. GUO: So transparent people barely see us.

I hate writing “February”. Something about it just feels wrong.


So, anyway… Yeah, bit of a block. All of the DCF Baby Mama Drama is closed up and Baby Girl’s birth parents have cut all contact with us. My time as a foster parent is officially over. It was nice to have a couple of monthly visits through the holidays but, little did I know, that seems to have just been due to DCF looking in on things. Now that they’re out of the picture, we aren’t even getting the civility of… well, anything. It’s a little hard to come back to this former baby blog under these circumstances, so if things go a little quiet in March, you’ll have to forgive me.

Ratings time! Here comes the

Most Popular Posts for February 2012

Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook

Star Trek Online 2-Year Anniversary Event Begins Featuring Q and Free Ships

Review: Hidden Chronicles (Facebook) Seek and Find Objects from the Makers of FarmVille

Review: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (iPhone/iPad/Android) Slaying Dragons With Better Bookkeeping

Unreview: The Sims FreePlay (iPhone/iPad) These Are Not The Sims You’re Looking For

Nice to see some changes on this list. Our second and third place entries were separated by a mere six views!

Some of the changes on this list are due to the fact that StumbleUpon changed the way their site works. Without getting into the technicalities, we do not see referral traffic and SU gets to keep all the page hits for themselves. Most bloggers and Internet media folks are pissed. In fact, this is the ONLY reason you have been hearing so much about Pintrest lately. The blogosphere decided to puff up Pintrest as a replacement for StumbleUpon in retaliation for the changes to the mechanics of their site. The same thing happened to Digg which led to StumbleUpon being promoted by the tech media sites. The saddest part is that Pintrest doesn’t even come close to doing what SU does. It’s all rather petty, disgusting, and about ad money. On both fronts.

Out of This World Weekly

IBEX mission Shows Us What Lies Beyond Our Solar System - As we spin around the center of our Galaxy, we may have moved to another region of space from where our Solar System was created.  Space inside our Solar System isn't the same as space just outside it.

Space Makes You Old - It's true!  It turns out there are scads of effects on the body that happen when you age and when you go out into space.  * note that even if you don't go into space - you will still get old.

Looking At Forests From Space - Not everything in space is looking outwards.  Most satellites are focused on Earth.  This article shows quite clearly where all of the plant life on Earth is, including under the sea.

Huge Estimate Of Rogue Planets Made - I thought that 160 Billion was a mind-boggling amount of planets in our galaxy.  Turns out that that's just the planets orbiting stars.  Big changes to the Drake Equation for advanced civilizations here.


St. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide–Geek Style, not Geeky! – I was rather proud with how this came out. It took a surprising amount of time for such a short list, but it was nice to see a Valentine’s list that didn’t make me roll my eyes. Honorable mention to the cookie bouquet which the Mrs found a bit too late for the article.

My Pixelated Valentine: Gaming’s Top 5 Heartthrobs – This was a cool article for gamers. Also a flop. I think the title needed to be different for Google to pick up on it. Of course the featured button didn’t help it either, so… Maybe not such a cool article.

Better than Free-to-Play, Star Trek Online Pays You to Play with Player Run Dilithium Market – The longest time I spent working on any article here. Also the only one I got free stuff out of. Don’t worry, I did it the hard way. Those STO guys don’t even know we exist.


Lifelike Robot Mannequin Uses Microsoft Kinect to React to Shoppers – Surprised this didn’t do better. It didn’t do bad, but from the number of Kinect article I see across the web, I figured they were page view gold. The couple other places I saw this story also didn’t push the Kinect angle. Still, very cool stuff and a really bad toupee Winking smile

NASA Posts First Ever Video from the Far Side of the Moon – Welcome to the only story on the web not to call it the Dark Side of the Moon in the headline. Was so tempting though.

Vin Diesel Posts Pics From the Set of the Third Riddick Movie – Vin’s cool. Or rather, uncool. I remember posting an interview for the Mrs. a while back where he was gushing on about his old D&D group. Ah, here it is.

SpaceX Test Fires New SuperDraco Rocket Engine – Who doesn’t love rockets?

CG Pop Star Hatsune Miku Collapses Putting 61 Year Old Woman in Hospital – I really spun the title on this one. I love the joke that a computer generated personality could fall down and hurt someone.

3D Printers Create Shiny New Titanium Jaw for 83 Year-Old Woman – I loved the intro to this one.

Charity Trivia Game FreeRice Expands with World Landmarks Game Mode – The second article we did for FreeRice last month. We even helped promote their event with a (sadly bugged) banner. I love pimping charity stuff. The Internet makes it so easy to change the world, it would be a crime not to. Go play some FreeRice and feed the world today. Yes, now. I’ll be here when you get back.

Scotch Whiskey May Hold the Secret to Gassing Up Without Oil – For such an easy topic to joke with, I had a surprisingly hard time coming up with a funny title. Never quite got it.

Google Looking to Pay for Tracking You Across the Internet – Now Redbox is doing something similar. How much is your privacy worth? Beats all these companies taking it without asking or compensation.

Printed Computers Could Allow Computing On Everything – Circuits on stickers?! The possibilities are endless! I’m gonna put 8088 stickers all over my notebook!

On Japanese Valentine’s Day, Girls Give Boys Chocolate – One of those things I just wanted to run. Also, any excuse to post a Gintama clip!

World’s First Computer is Shopping for a New Home – You can help!

Weekly Episodes of Star Trek Return with Star Trek Online’s “The 2800” - The whole GUO family is playing. It doesn’t hurt that this new series they’ve been running is some of their best work.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Now Streaming on Crunchyroll – Also just hit Hulu. It is pretty unusual to see an anime go streaming at the same time as a region 1 DVD release. I wonder if sales are lower than expected.

Sony Moves to Turn Bad CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays into TVs with SoRPlas – Wholly Carp! I got  to post a story that didn’t paint Sony as the bad guy or moron! Mark the calendars!

Re-Releases of Original 1st Edition AD&D Rule Books to Feature Disappointing Covers – I wrote a lot more on this than I intended. So sad. The covers, not the writing. I should’ve promoted this to a feature.

Verizon Fios Pulls Plug on FUNimation Anime Channel – There is now a link to an online petition in the comments thread. I think it’s about time I had a little chat with Verizon.

MMO Game Eve Online Beats Lag by Changing the Meaning of Time – A novel solution to a constant problem.

Blackberry Playbook OS 2 Finally Released – Any excuse to bring back the Table Turkey pic! I loved making that. I guess RIM deserves a bone: Better late than never.

This Breathalyzer Tests for Lung Cancer

Lab Grown Meat May Soon Be Common – Sure, why not. Less land use, more humane, and,  just maybe, they can grow meatballs already stuffed with cheese. Ooo, grow EVERYTHING stuffed with cheese!

The Great One chimes in about his creation of this article with: That hotdog grabbed hold of my soul and made me put it into the article.  It's an article about hamburgers, why am I putting a hotdog on the front of it?  I just couldn't help it.  Maybe something to do with lab grown meat eventually getting up and walking out of the lab...  to find ketchup.

Drivable R2-D2 Makes Wishes Come True – Who doesn’t love the Make-a-Wish foundation?

Three Years Later, Deleted Facebook Pictures Remain online – And if you think anything is ever coming out of the Google cache…

Cool Stuff

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Rebuilt in Minecraft, Hyrulecraft Map Available for Download

iModela iM-01 Mini Mill is 3D Printing Backwards – Are you as excited about 3D printing as I am? I can’t believe that I may live to see something close to Star Trek replicators! Wait a minute… I already have! And for less than the price of a good laser printer 10 years ago!

NASA Launches Space Race Blast Off, A Trivia Review Game for Facebook – I didn’t want to do a formal review on this one. I would have ended up putting a 3 star score on it and just didn’t want to scare anyone off from trying NASA’s cool little trivia game. Bonus points for being the least privacy invading title on Facebook!

When Over-Merchandised Brands Collide… – They can still sell Kiss merch? Really?

Star Wars: Book of Sith Delivers a Holocron’s Worth of Fan Service Goodies at 40% off – This was just gonna be a ‘Look at the cool stuff’ post until I found it cheap.


There we go! That’s most of our stuff from this short month that hasn’t expired. I didn’t do any reviewing other than NASA’s Facebook game this month. First time since… August? As I mentioned, I’m in a bit of a slump. Reviews are always a little… strange in terms of reception. While they are the bread-and-butter in terms of bringing people to the site (and I usually love doing it), the Real Life people admit to skipping them. It gets to me sometimes. Working on the ‘Net is kinda like that. For example, another thing that takes the wind out of my sails is our Facebook ‘Like’ count. We have 15 subscribers via Facebook. Taken on its own, this would be rather disheartening. Looking at actual site visits, however, we had more than 200 visits each day last month. Strange stuff.

Analytics be damned! We’ve never done things The Right Way here before, why start now? We’re not one-dimensional pundits or single minded salesmen looking to push an agenda. We are rich, multi-faceted people with a love of games, gadgets, and geekery looking to spend a few moments sharing a grin (or rant) with like minded folks. We love ya!

Thanks for reading!

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