Original Star Trek Series Continues Its 5-Year Mission Thanks to Fans in Star Trek Phase 2

star trek phase 2Despite what it feels like today, Star Trek (now frequently referred to as Star Trek: The Original Series (or TOS)) was a failed television series. This great juggernaut of sci-fi fandom abruptly met its demise only three short years into its planned five-year mission.back in 1969. Enter donation powered, fan production Star Trek New Voyages Phase II. Their ongoing mission is to bring the promised, yet never delivered, seasons four and five of TOS to viewers everywhere.

Think Phase II isn’t up to the task? You obviously don’t know Star Trek fanboys!

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that Phase II is now planning to film the unaired script from TOS’ canceled fourth season “He Walked Amonus Us”. The lost episode script was recently uncovered by Norman Spinrad, writer of the legendary “Doomsday Machine” episode and made available for purchase on Amazon.

Slingshot around the sun and join the new old adventures of the crew of the NCC-1701 “No bloody A, B, C, or D” at StarTrekNewVoyages.com. Six episodes have already been completed with two more “Coming Soon”.


  1. I heard something that next year there is a new Star Trek Movie. Is that true?

  2. Yep. True. They're working on it right now.

  3. Neat. How did they manage to make Sulu look 30 years older? Must be Hollywood magic.