Star Wars: The Old Republic gets 4 Days 4 Free

Star-Wars-The-Old-RepublicBeen itching to try out EA Bioware’s MMO set a very long time ago in a galaxy far away? Players everywhere get their chance this weekend.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will open its Stargates to the great, unwashed masses for “The Weekend Pass Free Trial”. Catchy name…

“The Weekend Pass Free Trial opens Thursday, March 15th, 12:01AM CT / 5:01AM GMT and ends on Monday, March 19th at 2:00AM CT / 7:00AM GMT. To learn more, visit and come back on March 15th to create your account, download the game, and begin your free trial! Have questions? Visit the Weekend Pass FAQ.”

Grab your lightsaber and set phasers to download! And download… and download….

Seriously, the game client is nearly 20GB and demand will, most likely, be high. Bring a book Winking smile

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  1. Thank god! They finally let people in for free. I have been waiting along time to play Star Wars The Old Republic