Behind The Blog April 1, 2012

The Great One here, filling in for the usual staff this month. In last month’s Behind The Blog, Mike stated a certain “Dry Spell” affecting him. Maybe a bucket of water would help. Let’s all hope that he’s feeling better soon!

Let’s all take a look at some of the great stuff going on here at GUO in the last month. Stats seem to show only a small drop off of views this month, with Hello Kitty Merch To Die For being the most popular story this month.

Out Of This World Weekly:

Ancient Planets Revise Planet Formation Models

Finding these 12.8 billion year old planets goes against everything we know about planet formation. It’s great to learn new things, but now scientists have to revise their ideas about the Universe.

Astronauts Run For Escape Pods On I.S.S.

Space junk is a serious problem and it’s being underscored by threatening the billions of dollars spent on the I.S.S., not to mention the lives of the astronauts living there. Let’s hope this gives a wake up call to those who might fund space junk cleaning budgets.

WISE Completes Infra-Red Sky Survey

Pretty pictures of the universe, can we ever really get enough? Not only that but a better look at Infra-Red phenomenon in the Universe.

Robot Gas Attendants In Space?

Testing on refueling satellites is under way on the I.S.S., pioneering the ability to work on objects in orbit. This should keep some satellites we really need working, instead of having to launch very expensive new ones.

Hackers In Space?

NASA isn’t the super-secure government agency that we thought it was. Losing the control codes for the I.S.S., among other things, will definitely draw attention from quite a few people. Let’s hope they can get things under control before someone does something more than just poke around.


Flight Simulator Fans Rejoice! Microsoft Flight Is Now Available For Free

Nice little free flight simulator that gives you all of Hawaii to fly around, unfortunately in 1 slow plane.

Chevy Volt Production Stalls

Whew! Silent cars are the last thing I need. Not even dealers want these as they can’t unload them. I guess we aren’t ready for plug in cars.

Comic: iPad 3 Crabapples

Comix! just what every publication needs! Mike seems to capture a caricature of himself well (except for the red glasses) in daily life.

Original Star Trek Series Continues It’s 5-Year Mission Thanks To Fans In Star Trek Phase 2

Yes, Star Trek: The Original Series isn’t as dead as you would think. New episodes are coming to a computer screen near you. I can't believe they got Sulu in the preview episode!

Minecraft Creator Notch Brings Home A BAFTA

Awards to the (almost) sole creator of Minecraft.

Microsoft Says OnLive’s Win 7 App for iPad Violates Licensing

Microsoft and Apple not getting along? Who could have guessed? Apparently not the people at OnLive…

Video: U.S. Navy Test Fires Railgun Prototype

This could be the future of all guns. Forget gunpowder, the new thing is to shoot things using electricity. Very neat video and the gun sounds cool, too!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets 4 Days Free

You missed your chance. Don’t cry, it’ll be OK.

Encyclopedia Britannica Cancels book Production

Encyclopedia? Is that anything like a Wikipedia? I wonder why it’s dying?

Robot Pole Dancers

Neat gimmick but I don’t think that they will be replacing actual women anytime soon.

Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks! It’s been a light month but hopefully not the last.

Thanks for reading!

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