Good, Bad, I'm the Boy with the Blog

672px-SMPTE_Color_Bars.svgApologies for the decrease in posts lately. The GUO homestead has been plagued by all manner of personal, health, and even technical problems. Regular updates will now resume.

Growing Up Otaku did, in fact, have a fail-safe in place for just such emergencies. A small cadre of autonomous robots were to take over regular posting duties should the site fall silent for more than 72 hours. Pieced together with Legos and bits of old Gundam models, these “Blogger Bots™” run on a sophisticated neural net AI fed directly from GUO's blog roll in order for them to emulate my writing style. Our initial test run during my vacation last Christmas proved a rousing success with articles such as Hot Cup of JoCo, Garden Gnome Carnage, and The 12 Geeks of Christmas being generated by the little blighters. Such success was not to be repeated.

Upon checking the system logs from last month while attempting to isolate some BSoD problems on my primary rig, I noticed that the Blogger Bot™ system had not been producing content. On the contrary, the bloody ‘bots had become rampant content consumers rather than the content creators they had been designed as. It seems that they have spent a great deal of time (and money!) downloading episodes of Naruto from iTunes. And not even Shippuden! Classic orange jumpsuit Naruto! “Believe it!” Maybe plugging their brains directly into Growing Up Otaku wasn't such a good idea after all.

So… Blogger Bots™ are going into the backlog of busted crap on the workbench while I think up excuses as to why I'm not fixing them. In the meantime, we look forward to sharing with you again.

Thanks for reading!

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