Free Portal 2 Map Maker DLC Inbound May 8

When superfan and frequent commenter Brandon asked to write a post about the upcoming Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC, who was I to say “no”? As it just so happens, I am The Lord thy God of this blog, that’s who! What a silly question. But I said “yes” anyway. So, without further ado:

Well folks, the wait is almost over for the release of the official Portal 2 Map Maker. Smile   For the past year Valve has promised this and teased us with a beta version but soon we’ll finally have the real thing. This one is much easier to make maps with than using Hammer. The best part is that all you have to do to make a map is to just drag and drop your ideas to the place you want it to be. They have also added the Steam Community so once you make a map with the new map maker, you can upload it to the Steam Community for others to play around the world.

Now its time to hear from the man who started this all, Cave Johnson. Mr. Johnson?

The Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC will be a free download and is scheduled for release May 8th.

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  1. Thank you, thank you all for helpping me get this post aired. But the one to thank the most is The Lord thy God of this blog.